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About Us

About us

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If you want to be a part of our team, please feel free to contact us on the contact numbers shown on the website.

Client communication

Once the request for services originates, AZUS Consulting will communicate with the client in order to determine, review and agree on the requirements. On request, AZUS Consulting can visit the client’s premises to perform a gap assessment (initial state analysis), to help to understand where the client is at that moment, and to create an action plan for the next step.

Preparing a scope of work and a budget

Once the requirements are determined, reviewed and agreed upon, AZUS Consulting will prepare a Scope of Work (SOW) and a Budget, and send it to the client for review and approval.

Signing a service contract

Once the SOW and Budget are approved, AZUS Consulting will prepare a project timetable for the client, to indicate planned commencement and completion dates, deliverables, works to be done, resources required, and costs of the project.

Delivering the services to the client

AZUS Consulting is committed to deliver the services to the client as per the contract requirements and in line with the project timetable.

We are team of professionals

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